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Department of Integrative Biology
University of Wisconsin
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Landscape Ecology Lab

Pete BlankPeter Blank

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Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research Interests

My research interests include conservation biology, restoration ecology, wildlife ecology, landscape ecology, and ornithology. Much of my research has focused on developing management recommendations for improving bird habitat in agricultural landscapes.

Current Projects

Effects of bioenergy crop production on wildlife populations in Wisconsin

Selected Publications

Blank, P. J., D. W. Sample, C. L. Williams, and M. G. Tuner. 2014. Bird communities and biomass yields in potential bioenergy grasslands. PLoS ONE 9(10): e109989 (pdf)

Mattson, J. B., E. F. Zipkin, B. Gardner, P. J. Blank, J. R. Sauer, and J. A. Royle.2013. Explaining local-scale species distributions: relative contributions of spatial autocorrelation and landscape heterogeneity for an avian assemblage. PLoS ONE 8(2): e55097 (pdf)

Blank, P. J. 2013. Northern Bobwhite Response to Conservation Reserve Program Habitat and Landscape Attributes. The Journal of Wildlife Management 77(1):68-74 (pdf)

Sauer, J. R., P. J. Blank, E. F. Zipkin, J. E. Fallon, E. W. Fallon. 2013. Using Multi-Species Occupancy Models in Structured Decision Making on Managed Lands. The Journal of Wildlife Management 77(1):117127 (pdf)

Blank, P. J., G. P. Dively, D. E. Gill, and C. A. Rewa. 2011. Bird community response to filter strips in Maryland. Journal of Wildlife Management 75:116-125. (pdf)

Blank, P. J., J. R. Parks, and G. P. Dively. 2011. Wintering bird response to fall mowing of herbaceous buffers. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 123:59-64. (pdf)

Weber, T. C., P. J. Blank, and A. Sloan. 2008. Field validation of a conservation network on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, USA, using breeding birds as bio-indicators. Environmental Management 41:538-550. (pdf)

Gill, D. E., P. Blank, J. Parks, J. B. Guerard, B. Lohr, E. Schwartzman, J. G. Gruber, G. Dodge, C. A. Rewa, and H. F. Sears. 2006. Plants and birds on a CRP restored grasslands in Maryland. Wildlife Society Bulletin 34: 944-956.

Personal Interests

Biking, squash, birding, kayaking, camping, and trying to be an all-around naturalist.

Contact Information

Peter Blank
436 Birge Hall
Department of Zoology
Madison, WI 53706
email: pblank @ wisc.edu