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Kristin BraziunasKristin Braziunas

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MS/PhD Student

Research Interests

My research interests include fire (structural, wildfire, impact on forest ecology, behavior, prevention, strategy and tactics, fire modeling), climate change and natural disasters (impacts on ecosystems, impacts on human populations, mitigation and adaptation strategies), systems thinking and modeling (leverage points, top down models), and complex adaptive systems (agent-based models). As I pursue graduate study, I hope to contribute to research addressing the following questions:

What are the impacts of climate change on fire regimes in forest ecosystems? How might these impacts change the way we approach forest and fire management, as well as firefighting strategy and tactics?

What computational modeling techniques give us the best information about fire susceptibility and spread, and do distinctive techniques have differing applicability at different scales?

Current Projects

I am currently working as a Research Specialist in Forest Simulation Modeling in the Turner lab from January-June 2016. In this position, I am parameterizing and testing the agent-based model iLand for subalpine conifer forests in Yellowstone, supporting the use of the model in studying the effects of fire and changing climate. I am also developing knowledge and skills in landscape ecology, computational modeling and simulation, statistical and spatial analysis, and programming and markup languages including R and XML.

Selected Publications

In progress

Personal Interests

Pig and lamb farming, Fire investigation, Camping and backpacking, Fishing, Volunteering, Civic engagement, Accounting

Contact Information

433 Birge Hall
430 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706
e-mail: braziunas @ wisc.edu