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Department of Integrative Biology
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Ecosystem and
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Kristin BraziunasKristin Braziunas

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MS/PhD Student

Research Interests

Landscape, forest, and fire ecology; climate change effects on forest ecosystems; connections between human and ecological communities; integration of process-based modeling with remotely sensed and field data

Current Projects

For my MS, I explored the importance of abiotic versus biotic drivers of postfire stand structural variability in Northern Rockies conifers using an individual-based and process-based forest simulation model.

For my PhD research, I address the question: How will changing climate and fire regimes affect forests and human communities in western landscapes during the 21st century, and how can human communities best adapt to a future with more fire?

Selected Publications

Hansen, W. D., K. H. Braziunas, W. Rammer, R. Seidl, and M. G. Turner. 2018. It takes a few to tango: changing climate and fire regimes can cause regeneration failure of two subalpine conifers. Ecology DOI 10.1002/ecy.2181.

Personal Interests

Pig and lamb farming, Fire investigation, Camping and backpacking, Fishing, Volunteering, Civic engagement, Accounting

Contact Information

433 Birge Hall
430 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706
e-mail: braziunas @ wisc.edu