Dr. Monica G.Turner
Department of Integrative Biology
University of Wisconsin
430 Lincoln Dr.
Madison, WI 53706
Ecosystem and
Landscape Ecology Lab

Gooch chilling on a cliffmichelle Jackson

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PhD Alumna

Research Interests

  • Ecosystem responses to land-use history and current land-use patterns
  • Effects of climate change on biodiversity and species distribution patterns
  • Plant-pollinator interactions and their response to global change

Current Projects

The influence of climate and logging on native forest herbs and their pollinators in the Southern Appalachians

Selected Publications

Jackson, M.M., Pearson, S.M., and M.G. Turner. Time since logging influences performance and population dynamics for a native understory herb in Southern Appalachian forests. In revision, Forest Ecology & Management.

Jackson, M.M., Turner, M.G., Pearson, S.M., and A.R. Ives. 2012. Seeing the forest and the trees: multilevel models predict both species and community patterns. Ecosphere 3(9), art79. doi:10.1890/ES12-00116.1

Jackson, M.M. and L. Naughton. 2012. Education as an incentive for conservation
around Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, Kenya. Environmental Conservation 39(4):347-356.

Kirlin, M.S., Gooch, M.M., Price, S.J., and M.E. Dorcas. 2006. Predictors of winter anuran calling activity in the North Carolina Piedmont. Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science 122(1):10-18.

Gooch, M.M., Heupel, A.M., Price, S.J., and M.E. Dorcas. 2006. The effects of survey protocol on detection probabilities and site occupancy estimates of summer breeding anurans. Applied Herpetology 3:129-142.

Contact Information

Michelle Jackson
University of British Columbia, Department of Forest Sciences (post-doc)
michellegooch @ gmail.com