Dr. Monica G.Turner
Department of Zoology
University of Wisconsin
430 Lincoln Dr.
Madison, WI 53706
Ecosystem and
Landscape Ecology Lab

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Research Interests

I am a paleoecologist with a background in Quaternary mammals of North America. I use both fossil and modern data to understand how species respond to environmental change through time. I am interested also in how spatial dynamics influence temporal dynamics in biodiversity.

Current Projects

I am currently a postdoc with the Abrupt Changes in Ecological Systems project. I am working with long-term datasets (primarily fossil pollen records) to explore and model precursors to abrupt ecological changes, and to develop criteria by which we can anticipate future regime shifts.

Selected Publications

Stegner, M. A. 2016. Stasis and change in Holocene small mammal diversity during a period of aridification in southeastern Utah. The Holocene 26(7): 1005-1019 DOI: 10.1177/0959683616632894.

Stegner, M. A. 2015. The Mescal Cave fauna (San Bernardino County, California): Testing assumptions of habitat fidelity in the quaternary fossil record. Quaternary Research 83: 582-587.

Barnosky, A. D., M. Holmes, R. Kirchholtes, E. Lindsey, K. C. Maguire, A. W. Poust, M. A. Stegner, J. Sunseri, B. Swartz, J. Swift, N. A. Villavicencio, and G. O. U. Wogan. 2014. Prelude to the Anthropocene: Two newly-defined North American land-mammal ages. The Anthropocene Review 1(3): 225-242.

Stegner, M. A., and M. Holmes. 2013. Using paleontological data to assess mammalian community structure: Potential aid in conservation planning. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 372: 138-146.

Personal Interests

Cooking, hiking and camping, cross country skiing, my awesome dog.

Contact Information

434 Birge Hall
430 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706
e-mail: mstegner @ wisc.edu