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Amy Uhrin profile pictureAmy V. Uhrin

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Chief Scientist NOAA Marine Debris Program

Research Interests

  • Causes and consequences of spatial heterogeneity in marine ecosystems
  • Disturbance dynamics and their effects on marine ecosystems
  • Seagrass ecology and restoration
  • Seascape / landscape ecology
  • Remote sensing
  • Derelict fishing gear impacts on submerged marine habitats
  • Marine debris

Current Projects

My dissertation research is focused on disturbance dynamics in coastal seascapes, including natural physical drivers (e.g., hydrodynamics) and anthropogenic disturbances (e.g., marine debris). Specifically, I am utilizing a previously under-exploited (in coastal systems) classification technique (linear spectral unmixing) to classify and map seagrass and assess the accuracy of the technique across seagrass seascapes that represent varying levels of spatial heterogeneity as a result of hydrodynamic forcing. I will use these seagrass maps to identify differences in spatial patterns as a result of hydrodynamic drivers (e.g., wind-wave exposure and tidal currents) and test whether thresholds in these drivers exist. I will use a scenario approach to explore the role of future tropical cyclone activity and fishing effort in the generation of derelict traps from the commercial spiny lobster fishery in the Florida Keys. I will also conduct a review of the current state of marine debris science in order to develop a synthesis and research framework for management.

Selected Publications

Uhrin, A. V. 2016. Tropical cyclones, fishing gear, and the future of the south Florida commercial lobster fishery. Marine Policy 69:84-91. (pdf)

Uhrin, A. V. and Townsend, P. A. 2016. Improved seagrass classification using linear spectral unmixing. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 171:11-22. (pdf) (Supplemental data)

Uhrin, A. V., T. R. Matthews, and C. Lewis. 2014. Lobster trap debris in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary: distribution, abundance, density, and patterns of accumulation. Marine and Coastal Fisheries: Dynamics, Management, and Ecosystem Science 6:20-32. (pdf)

Uhrin, A. V. and K. Kirsch. 2011. Prioritizing seagrass restoration sites. Pages 49-54 in: GIS for the Oceans. Esri, Redlands, California. (pdf)

Uhrin, A. V. and J. Schellinger. 2011. Marine debris impacts to a fringing salt marsh in North Carolina. Marine Pollution Bulletin 62:2605-2610. (pdf)

Uhrin, A. V., W. J. Kenworthy, and M. S. Fonseca. 2011. Understanding uncertainty in seagrass injury recovery: an information-theoretic approach. Ecological Applications 21(4):1365-1379. (pdf)

Fonseca, M. S. and A. V. Uhrin. 2009. The status of eelgrass, Zostera marina, as bay scallop habitat: consequences for the fishery in the western Atlantic. In: Bay scallops in eastern North America: Part II. Marine Fisheries Review 71(3):20-33. (pdf)

Uhrin, A. V., M. O. Hall, M. F. Merello, M. S. Fonseca. 2009. Evaluation of the success of mechanized transplanting of two tropical seagrasses. Restoration Ecology 17(3):359-368. (pdf)

Uhrin, A. V., C. L. Slade, and J. G. Holmquist. 2005. Self righting in the free-living coral Manicina areolata (Cnidaria: Scleractinia): morphological constraints. Caribbean Journal of Science 41:277-282. (pdf)

Uhrin, A. V., M. S. Fonseca, and G. P. DiDomenico. 2005. Effect of Caribbean spiny lobster traps on seagrass beds of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary: damage assessment and evaluation of recovery. Pages 579-588 in P. W. Barnes, and J. P. Thomas, editors. Benthic habitats and the effects of fishing. American Fisheries Society Symposium 41, Bethesda, Maryland, USA. (pdf)

Uhrin, A. V. and J. G. Holmquist. 2003. Effects of propeller scarring on macrofaunal use of the seagrass Thalassia testudinum. Marine Ecology Progress Series 250:61-70. (pdf)

Personal Interests

Traveling, photography, long-distance cycling, Halloween, listening & dancing to music, hanging with my doggies, the Pittsburgh Steelers, laughing as much as possible.

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Contact Information

240.533.0426 (office)
amy.uhrin @ noaa.gov