Dr. Monica G.Turner
Department of Integrative Biology
University of Wisconsin
430 Lincoln Dr.
Madison, WI 53706
Ecosystem and
Landscape Ecology Lab

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Research Interests

I am broadly interested in understanding the impacts of climate extremes on hydrological processes and ecosystem functioning. My current projects employ climate data, process-based ecosystem and hydrological modeling, geographic information system (GIS), and statistical approaches to simulate and identify linkages between climate, hydrology, ecosystems, and mitigation policy.

Current Projects

Currently I am a postdoc in the project of Abrupt Changes in Ecological Systems (ACES) at UW-Madison. I am working with large regional climate datasets and USDA food databases to explore the abrupt ecological changes, which already occurred in the past and are anticipated in the future, for agricultural ecosystems in central California, the Great Plains, and central Wisconsin.

Selected Publications

Zhang J., et al. Extreme Precipitation Drives Groundwater Recharge: the Northern High Plains Aquifer, Central United States, 1950-2010. Hydrological Processes. 30.14(2016): 2533-2545.

Zhang J., et al. Assessing Vegetation Cover Dynamics Induced by Policy-Driven Ecological Restoration and Implication to Soil Erosion in Southern China. PlosOne. 10.6 (2015): e0131352.

Personal Interests

Photography (landscape, wedding, street, and portrait: Flickr), Player of ski and electric guitar

Contact Information

436 Birge Hall
430 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706
e-mail: jzhang852 @ wisc.edu