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Carly ZiterCarly Ziter

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PhD Candidate

Research Interests

I am an ecosystem and landscape ecologist broadly interested in ecosystem services, sustainability, and biodiversity science. My research seeks to understand the provision of ecosystem services - the benefits people get from nature - in human dominated landscapes, and how these services may change over space and time. I want to know how we can better manage the places we live, work, and play to provide the services we need, while ameliorating environmental problems and conserving biodiversity.

I'm also interested in science communication, education, and outreach, and regularly participate in these activities alongside my research.

Current Projects

My PhD research focuses on ecosystem service provision in urban landscapes – primarily in the mid-size city of Madison, WI. I combine synthesis, observational, and experimental approaches to explore questions related to how landscape structure, land-use history, and biodiversity influence urban ecosystem services.

Selected Publications

Ziter, C. 2016. The biodiversity-ecosystem service relationship in urban areas: A quantitative review. Oikos 125: 761-768

Ziter, C., Bennett, E., and Gonzalez, A. 2014. Temperate forest fragments maintain aboveground carbon stocks out to the forest edge despite changes in community composition. Oecologia 176: 893-902

Ziter, C., Bennett, E., and Gonzalez, A. 2013. Functional diversity and management mediate aboveground carbon stocks in small forest fragments. Ecosphere 4: article 85.

Liss, K*, Mitchell, M.G.E.*, MacDonald, G.K., Mahajan, S., Méthot, J., Jacob, A.L., Maguire, D., Metson, G., Ziter, C., Dancose, K., Martins, K., Terrado Casanovas, M., and Bennett, E.M. 2013. Variability in ecosystem service measurement: a case study of pollination service studies. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 11:414–422

Ziter, C., and MacDougall, A.S. 2013. Nutrients and defoliation increase soil carbon inputs in grassland. Ecology 94:106-116.

Personal Interests

Running, hiking, camping, travelling. I'm also an avid baker, enthusiastic scrabble competitor, and a mediocre (but improving!) knitter.

Contact Information

430 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706
e-mail: ziter @ wisc.edu
Personal Website: www.carlyziter.com