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Carly ZiterCarly Ziter

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PhD Student

Research Interests

I am attracted to ecology research with applied conservation relevance. I'm broadly interested in the areas of landscape ecology, ecosystem services, biodiversity science, and conservation biology, with a slight leaning towards forested systems. I'm particularly interested in the idea of multifunctional landscapes - how can we better manage our landscapes to provide the ecosystem functions and services that we need, while ameliorating environmental problems and conserving biodiversity?

Additionally, I'm interested in science communication, and in improving science literacy through effective education and outreach.

Current Projects

While my current project is still in development, I hope to focus my PhD research on the interactions between ecosystem services and landscape structure in Wisconsin ecosystems.

Selected Publications

Ziter, C., Bennett, E., Gonzalez, A. In press. Temperate forest fragments maintain aboveground carbon stocks out to the forest edge despite changes in community composition. Oecologia.

Ziter, C., Bennett, E., Gonzalez, A. 2014. Functional diversity and management mediate aboveground carbon stocks in small forest fragments. Ecosphere 4: Article85.

Liss, K*, Mitchell, M.G.E.*, MacDonald, G.K., Mahajan, S., Méthot, J., Jacob, A.L., Maguire, D., Metson, G., Ziter, C., Dancose, K., Martins, K., Terrado Casanovas, M., and Bennett, E. 2013. Variability in ecosystem service measurement: a case study of pollination service studies. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 11(8): 414-422. *these authors contributed equally to this work.

Ziter, C., MacDougall, A.S. 2014. Nutrients and defoliation increase soil carbon inputs in grassland. Ecology 94(1): 106-116.

Ziter, C., Robinson, E.A, Newman, J.A. 2012. Climate change and voltinism in Californian insect pest species: Sensitivity to location, scenario and climate model choice. Global Change Biology 18(9): 2771-2780.

Personal Interests

Running, hiking, camping, travelling. I'm also an avid baker, enthusiastic scrabble competitor, and a mediocre (but improving!) knitter.

Contact Information

430 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706
e-mail: ziter @ wisc.edu