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Photo Album

Welcome to the Turner Lab Photo Album! Our lab works together and plays together. Here are some scenes from lab celebrations, field work and more...
Michelle's wedding, lab group photo Brian and Zach, 152 Posters

They clean up pretty well, don't they? Current and past members of the Turner lab celebrate on April 21st with the happy couple.
Front row, from the left: Jiangxiao, Jake, Brian.
Back row, from the left: Shuai, Sonya, Heather, Steve, Michelle, Monica, Michael, and Denisse.

Brian and Zach strike a deal for a summer field position following Zach's stellar performance on his undergraduate mentored 152 project.

lab ski trip lab group photo no pose

Everyone looks cool in shades during the March ski trip.

Why does Brian look alarmed while the others are laughing?

Jake Sonya terrace lab terrace 1

Jake (the lab's newest PhD) and Sonya, hanging out at the Terrace with the Lab, June 2011

Friday at the Terrace, celebrating a great year! (L to R: Monica, Heather, Dan, Sonya, Jake, Brian, Steve, Michelle)

lab terrace 2 Gunbarrel July 2011

What are the odds of 4 birthdays (Jake, Brian, Dan, Tammy) in one week? (L to R: Monica, Heather, Dan, Sonya, Jake, Brian, Tammy, Steve, Michelle)

Really, burned forests CAN be very beautiful! Wildflowers blooming in 2011, three years after the 2008 Gunbarrel Fire.

Tom Brian Brooke 2011 Motley crew 2011

Happy days in the field! Brian Harvey (center) and two intrepid UW-Madison undergrads, Brooke and Tom, during the 2011 field season in Yellowstone.

Are these field ecologists for real? Ron Steffens, Monica Turner, Bill Romme, Dan Donato and Dian Abendroth in the 2009 Bearpaw Fire, backed by Mt. Moran.

BTNF 2010 Sampling July 2010

The gang during the passing of the torch from "Fire and Beetles 1" (martin and Jake) to "Fire and Beetles 2" (Brian and Dan). Photo from June 2010 near the New Fork Fire (l to r: Brian Harvey, Martin Simard, Jake Griffin, Monica Turner, Dan Donato)

Back to sampling in burned forest... Dan Donato, Monica Turner, Brian Harvey testing out the original point-intercept frames, July 2010.

Jake Martin Desparados

We're two desparados, hanging out on the Bridger-Teton National Forest (Jake and Martin, June 2010.)

Ben Poster Amanda and Monica Poster

Spring ’09 mentored research students Amanda Rudie and Ben Ruh at the Introductory Biology 152 Poster Session, May 2009.

Amanda and Ben worked with Jake Griffin sorting and grinding lots of plant and litter samples from Yellowstone (if you listen closely, you can hear the coffee grinders….)

Career plan B: cake decorators!  This is impressive!

The group gathers to celebrate Monica's birthday


The brave survivors of the polar air masses - 2008 Turner lab ski trip

Yes, our smiles are frozen on our faces....

...but the scenery and quiet made it worth it!

Some competitive Apples to Apples fun

The Wiebens make a good team

Jake takes it pretty seriously

Turner Lab Reprise: Assorted lab members (past, present and future) gathered at the Great Dane Pub on opening night of the 23rd Annual US-IALE symposium, held in Madison April 6-10, 2008. From L to R: Dan Kashian, James Forester, Heather Lumpkin, Michelle Gooch, Ishi Buffam, Tim Kuhman, Erica Smithwick, Jake Griffin, and Ann Wieben.

And from the other end of the table at the Great Dane, from L to R: James Forester, Jeff Cardille (holding Talia), Elena Bennett, Katia Albright (holding Emilio), Tom Albright, Anna Marburg and Mark Smith. Missing from the photos (but still there!) were Martin Simard (busily hosting the US-IALE Student Social) and Monica (fearless photographer).

Monica hosts yet another successful (and delicious!) Turner lab potluck in May, 2008.

Tom, Martin and Emilio enjoy some male bonding.

Stephanie, Erinn, Sonja, Kat and Michelle enjoy some appetizers.

Michelle, Ann and Jake kicking back after a good meal.

McArthur Award Monica Monica Magician

ESA MacArthr Award Ceremony with Deborah Goldberg (chair of MacArthur subcommittee) and Norm Christensen, ESA president

A magician entertained guests at the ECI prize banquet at Prof. Kinne’s home

Monica ECI Prize  

Prof. Otto Kinne of the Ecology Institute awarding the ECI Prize in Terrestrial Ecology; Octoboer 2008, Oldendorf, Germany.


Daniel and Jake show off their engineering skills

Great snow for the 2nd annual Turner lab cross country ski getaway at Trout Lake.

Where are your skiis Martin?

Tom hosts a picnic to celebrate a successful dissertation defense.

Ishi's defense

Tom looking ready for vacation after all his hard work.

Ishi Buffam (right) will be joining the lab in September. In Sweden they seem to take the word "defense" pretty literally....

Hanging out at Zu-zu cafe by the zoo after a bike/run around Lake Wingra.

Monica, Ken Raffa (UW-Madison, Entomology), Bill Romme (Colorado State) and Phil Townsend (UW-Madison, Forest Ecology) at the 2006 Purdee Fire in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, June 2007

Yellowstone field crew 2007.

Jake, Monica and Martin take time out to enjoy the sites of Yellowstone, June 2007

What did Turner and Townsend disagree on........

........and who will prevail?

Congratulations to Dr. Tom Albright!

Kat, Monica, Tom and Mia celebrate Tom's graduation


On a very snowy day in January 2006, the lab enjoyed brunch together at new lab member Ann Wieben's house.

Could Erica be enlightening Val on the wonders of the CENTURY model?

What a spread!

Monica tells Zach an exciting story.

In March 2006, the lab headed up to Trout Lake Field Station for a glorious weekend of cross country skiing.

As it was meant to be....boys making dinner, girls eating chocolate

The next generation of nature explorers (L-R) Anna, Dierdre, and Skye.

In May 2006, the lab says a fond farewell to Dr. Katie, Dr. Anna and Katie's spouse, Dr. Tal

Anna, a hockey player herself, receives a UW-Wisconsin hockey championship T-shirt from the lab.

Katie, also a hockey player, gets a matching shirt.Good luck ladies!

James Bucky Monica sign in

The first new Turner Lab Bucky Award for submission of manuscripts during the 2005-06 academic year goes to….James Forester! This highly coveted award (well…) resides with the student or postdoc who has most recently submitted a first-authored manuscript for publication. But, they have to replace the beer or soda for the next person!

Monica signs her name in the book of members at the Induction Ceremony for new members of the National Academy of Sciences on April 30th, 2005.


Goodbye to Anna Marburg, Jeff Cardille and James Forester. Welome Tim Kuhman and Martin Simard!

Martin (front right) seems to be pretty excited about Wisconsin Cheeeeese!

Sweet goodbyes to Anna Marburg, Jeff Cardille and James Forester

Have you noticed that we like cake?

Cooperation is the keystone of our lab.

Monica always supplies her alumni with a some inspirational literature upon departure.

Anna and co. enjoying the party

More party fun!

Erica enjoys some cake time with daughter Anna

Mark A. Smith (PhD, 2002) is promoted to Lt. Col. (US Army) at the US Military Academy at West Point in fall 2005. Congratulations Mark!


Monica with her letter of acceptance to the National Academy of Sciences! WOW!

Celebrating with the lab.


Aaron Thiel, our valiant lab manager during the summer 2003 field season in Yellowstone, demonstrates his superior ballet technique with ballet mistress Deirdre Turner (age 7).


Most of the Water Mellon Project up in the Northern Highlands Lake District in early October, 2003. L to R: Mike Coe, Jeff Cardille, Paul Hanson, Julie Vano, Steve Carpenter, Monica Turner and Bill Robertson (program officer for the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation). Missing from photo is Jon Foley.

Relaxing at the Memorial Union Terrace on Lake Mendota (yes, that is beer in those cups).


Who would guess that this man is really a Wolverines fan? Dan Kashian proudly wears a gift from his lab (November 2002).

Yum, we like lab parties!  This one in November 2002 celebrated Dan Kashian and Tania Schoennagel’s successful PhD defenses; James Forester and Katie Predick successfully completing their MS defenses; and Anna Sugden-Newbery acing her qualifier.  Whew!

Dr. Tania gets a cool shirt to take to Boulder, CO.

Just hangin’ around at the Turners’ house, havin’ a party.

James displays one of his many non-ecological talents.

Rogues gallery of honorees: (L to R) Dan Kashian, James Forester, Anna Sugden-Newbury, Katie Predick and Tania Schoennagel.

Monica and Devin (age 12) Turner adding to the cacophony (November 2002). Since the real musicians (Dan Tinker and Jim Miller) left, we’ve had to resort to the amateurs.

Dr. Dan and Dr. Tania show their graduation presents (now, have they read them yet? The quiz will follow.)

Here we are, on the shores of Lake Monona, June 2002—back row, L to R: Dan Kashian, Erica Smithwick, Katie Predick, Jim Miller, Jen Fraterrigo; bottom left, Kris Metzger.

Picnic by the lake, one of the best things about Madison. Is this a good new location for weekly lab meeting?

Really, this was fun, don’t look so skeptical !  L to R: Dean Anderson (local host), Tania Schoennagel, Suzanne Anderson (local host), Kris Metzger.

Bon Voyage (and how many things can you make with corn?)  Jim Miller leaves for a faculty position at Iowa State, and Jen continues her PhD studies with a commute. (June 2002)

Your new guides to Iowa! Jim and Jen, June 2002.



The marriage of J. Miller and J. Fraterrigo: a grand occasion.Standing, L to R: Janine Bolliger, Katie Predick, Tania Schoennagel, Monica Turner.  Seated: Donna Kashian, Jim Miller, Dan Kashian, Michael Turner, James Forester.  Prone: Jen Fraterrigo. (May 2001)

Our first official alumni! L to R, Mark Smith, Monica Turner, Sarah Gergel, Mark Dixon.  (May 2001)

A pair and an ace. L to R: Mark Smith, Mark Dixon, Sarah Gergel. (May 2001)

Good eats!

Monica and a tree. Enough said! (June, 2001)

The Turner Lab Garden party? L to R:  Dan Kashian, Dean Anderson, Tania Schoennagel, James Forester, SunYoung Jung, Mark Dixon, Monica Turner, Katie Predick, Jen Fraterrigo, Jim Miller.  (September 2001)

Monica Turner and colleagues Dan Tinker (L) and Bill Romme (R) display their leadership qualities in the field in Yellowstone. (August 2001)

That wacky Yellowstone field crew: L to R:  Brian Schreier, Dan Tinker, Shannon Rabby, Bill Romme, Jaime Thibodeaux, Kris Metzger, Seth Batta.  (August 2001)