Dr. Monica G.Turner
Department of Integrative Biology
University of Wisconsin
430 Lincoln Dr.
Madison, WI 53706
Ecosystem and
Landscape Ecology Lab

Biocomplexity: riparian land, people and lakes


Monica G. Turner

Research Overview

In collaboration with a number of UW faculty and students, we focused on understanding complex systems of people and nature using a series of research approaches focused on lakes, their shoreline (riparian) systems, and the social and economic organizations of lake users.  This research aims to explore the extent to which nonlinear phenomena can explain and predict changes in lake-riparian-social systems.  Their general result will provide:  (1) a template for basic understanding of biological complexity and (2) an example of success in the integration of socioeconomic and ecological systems. Visit the Biocomplexity project web site for more information.

Anna Marburg (PhD 2006) investigated the effects of lakeshore development on riparian forest and littoral coarse woody habitat.  The main focus of her studies have been to understand the importance of cross-boundary subsidies in understanding the impact of residential development on ecosystems. Read more.... 

Alysa Remsburg (PhD student) built on the foundation of the biocomplexity and NTL-LTER research to address the influence of habitat heterogeneity (especially vertical vegetation structure) on dragonflies and damselflies (order Odonata), which are voracious generalist predators. Read more....

Funding source:

National Science Foundation

Selected publications:

Marburg, A. E., M. G. Turner and T. K. Kratz. 2006. Natural and anthropogenic variation in coarse wood among and within lakes. Journal of Ecology 94:558-568.

Sass, G. G., J. F. Kitchell, S. R. Carpenter, T. R. Hrabik, A. E. Marburg, and M. G. Turner. 2006. Fish community and food web responses to a whole-lake removal of coarse woody habitat. Fisheries 31(7): 321-330.

Turner, M.G. 2003. Modeling for synthesis and integration: forests, people, and riparian coarse woody debris. Pp. 83-110 In: Canham, C.D., J.J. Cole, and W.K. Lauenroth, editors. Models in Ecosystem Science. Princeton (NJ): Princeton University Press.