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Ecosystem and
Landscape Ecology Lab

Learning Landscape Ecology


Monica Turner


This text is a comprehensive collection of landscape ecology laboratory exercises that provides "hands-on" experience in essential concepts and techniques of landscape ecology. The National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis provides an extended overview and reviews.

Table of Contents

Section I. Introduction and Concepts of Scale

Chapter 1: Hierarchy Theory and Concepts of Scale
Robert V. O?Neill and Mark A. Smith

Chapter 2: Collecting Spatial Data at Broad Scales
Sarah E. Gergel, Monica G. Turner and David J. Mladenoff

Chapter 3: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Joshua D. Greenberg, Miles G. Logsdon, and Jerry F. Franklin

Section II. Models and Causes of Landscape Pattern

Chapter 4: Introduction to Markov Models
Dean L. Urban and David O. Wallin

Chapter 5: Simulating Changes in Landscape Pattern
Eric J. Gustafson

Chapter 6: Creating Landscape Pattern
Hazel R. Delcourt

Section III. Quantifying Landscape Pattern

Chapter 7: Understanding Landscape Metrics I
Jeffrey A. Cardille and Monica G. Turner

Chapter 8: Understanding Landscape Metrics II: Effects of Changes In Scale
Joshua D. Greenberg, Sarah E. Gergel and Monica G. Turner

Chapter 9: Neutral Landscape Models
Robert H. Gardner and Steven Walters

Chapter 10: Scale Detection Using Semivariograms and Autocorrelograms
Michael W. Palmer

Section IV. Disturbance Dynamics

Chapter 11: Landscape Disturbance: Location, Pattern and Dynamics
Monica G. Turner, Daniel B. Tinker, Sarah E. Gergel and F. Stuart Chapin, III

Chapter 12: Multiple Stable States and Landscape Resilience
Garry D. Peterson

Section V. Organism Responses to Landscape Pattern

Chapter 13: Interpreting Landscape Patterns from Organism-based Perspectives
Scott M. Pearson

Chapter 14: Landscape Context
Scott M. Pearson

Chapter 15: Landscape Connectivity and Metapopulation Dynamics
Kimberly A. With

Chapter 16: Individual-based Modeling: The Bachman's Sparrow
John B. Dunning, Jr., David J. Stewart and Jianguo Liu

Section VI. Ecosystem Processes at Broad Scales

Chapter 17: Feedbacks Between Organisms and Ecosystem Processes
Linda L. Wallace and Steve T. Gray

Chapter 18: Modeling Ecosystem Processes
Sarah E. Gergel and Tara Reed-Andersen

Section VII. Applied Landscape Ecology: Integrating Across the Levels

Chapter 19: Reserve Design
Stanley A. Temple and John R. Cary

Chapter 20: Prioritizing Acquisitions for Conservation
Dean L. Urban

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